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I would highly recommend medical insurance

I have claimed on my medical insurance many times including for both my hips and my busy lifestyle and business would have been severely impacted if I had to wait for the DHB to schedule my surgeries, I would highly recommend medical insurance.

Definitely life saving

Thank you so much Kay and Mike for all your help with organising my insurance claim. I feel incredibly grateful that Peter suggested we add to our existing medical insurance by including Partners Life with a $10,000 excess. I have been able to have the surgery now which was denied by my other insurer and which the surgeon suggests was definitely life saving.

Larry an Account Manager from Auckland had the following to say about Medical Insurance

When I fell an injured my back, ACC declined to pay for the surgery I needed, saying it was degenerative due to my age. I was relieved to have my Private insurance cover which paid for my surgery which was unaffordable yet essential to my recovery.

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