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The first reason is unquestionably to make sure that you have the correct Insurance Cover for your personal circumstances that has been done by someone with the required expertise.

A: Secondly that if you have a claim there is someone on your side to do the hard yards to ensure you get paid timeously and help you through the process.

There is also a further very important reason to review your insurance. Recently I encountered a very important reason;

A: In 2 cases I reviewed where the Client’s insurance had been done through 2 different banks the client had his occupation incorrectly recorded (through no fault of his own). The net result would be that at claim time he will either have his claim denied or he will have to repay the premium at the correct occupation rate and then be re underwritten based on his correct occupation and possibly have no claim or be paid on the basis of the correct occupation.

Income protection is probably the most valuable type of insurance you may have, as well as being the one you most likely will claim against. If you cannot work for reasons of illness or injury, you may potentially have a claim.

Do yourself a favour, multiply your annual income by the number of years before you retire at 65 and you will be shocked to discover that your income is probably worth more than your house which I am certain you have made sure is insured!

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