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I’m so grateful I kept it (mortgage protection)

With regards to mortgage protection, I’m so grateful I kept it. I was going to cancel this in 2015 when my ex-husband and I split and we sold the house (I am still renting and cannot see this changing) but Pete convinced me not to. As it turned out it was good that I didn’t cancel it, as I hurt my shoulder and was off work for 16 months.

Provided us with funds when we really needed it

One usually has insurance for peace of mind, but while playing tennis last year I suffered a heart attack. I didn’t think it could ever happen to me. My Trauma insurance provided us with funds when we really needed it.

Invaluable to my business

I went to work as per normal on Wednesday morning, by Thursday I was in hospital and by Friday I was in ICU. My trauma cover pay-out and the advice I received from Pete, ensured my business continued to operate without me and I returned to my normal life when I recovered. It was invaluable to my business and my family in a very difficult time for me.

Craig, a Bank Manager for a large Bank in Auckland says

Being one to regularly review my insurances, I was pleasantly surprised to learn from Mike at one of these reviews that I had a claim for my kneecap I had fractured in a fall a few months prior to the meeting. This was an unexpected windfall when I really needed it. This has definitely reinforced my opinion of the value of having insurance in place.

Paddy a farmer in Tasman has the following to say about reviewing your insurances regularly

On a recent review with Mike and Pete I discovered to my surprise that I had a claim for an injury to my wrist I had done nearly 6 months back. The claim that was paid to us really helped us to navigate Covid and couldn’t have come at a better time, my advice – always review your insurance!

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